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Hi, I moved to the area a few months ago and I have not found many reception places. I live in Westminster and would like to find a place within 30-40 minutes from there. I'm on a budget... I actually want to get married on a cruise but my fiance's grandparents don't like that idea at all. We are getting married in January and it will be pretty small 50-75 people. Any reccomendations?

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Re: Reception locations carroll county

  • What is your style and budget?  Mine is actually in a barn (so rustic style) but isn't suitable for you in January (Union Mills Homestead is right there by you).
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  • I don't really have a style..  I want it to intimate and kinda small, under 75 people. I dont want a firehall or anthing like that. Id like for the reception to stay under $6,000.

    Thanks for responding!
  • Hmmm all I can do is give you some guidance.  I would bet that the typical venues (Antrim, Linganore winecellars, Gramercy) might be over that budget.  I would say look for a venue that doesn't have a caterer attached, because once you tally up food, rental, drinks (bars can be like $20+ per person), etc. for 75 people (with 6% tax and 20% gratuity) your food limit is likely to be maximum $50 per person in order to keep it all under 6000.  I doubt some of the popular places with catering won't be like that.  (Mine is, but they don't open until May).  

    So my suggestion is to look around at various halls or simply spaces and hire a separate caterer.  I recommend KS Catering because they start in the 20's (per person) and their food is good.

    The only place I can think of that might be open in January and is at the edge of your distance limit that I happened to look into is the Howard County Conservancy.  Their rental is a little pricey ($2200) but with KS Catering for just 75 people you should still stay under budget.  

    Sorry Im from Balto county so I really didn't loo ktoo much into Carroll, even though our venue is it was by chance because we were looking for a barn.
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  • If interested, pls see my posts about my recent experiences with Union Mills Homestead in Westminster, MD:
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