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We would like to have our wedding at a local winery.  The place only has the metal folding chairs.  But I am looking to rent something more appealing and rod iron chairs.  We are only having about 50 people.  Any suggestions?

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    Some folding wooden chairs can look really nice, so I wouldn't count them out.  I'm not sure what 'rod chairs' are, unless you mean wrought iron or something and in that case I think they would be hard to find and pretty expensive to rent (plus HEAVY for people to move around).
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    I can understand not being a fan of metal folding chairs.  But before you splurge on expensive rentals, just remember that the guests probably won't be thinking about the chairs after the day is over.  If you want something more rustic, then wooden chairs might not be a bad idea.  I'm thinking that iron chairs would be hard to find, and even if you did, cost too much to rent.  Good luck!


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