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FH and I have decided to have a small wedding ceremony/reception of about 20 people. We've already decided that the reception is going to be held in a private room at a restaurant in Annapolis. However, we are still struggling to come up with a suitable ceremony location.

Our ceremony/reception will be on Saturday December 15th. Unfortunately, the courthouse is closed on Saturdays. Two of our close friends are registered officiants and can officiate the ceremony, but we still don't know where we can hold it. I've looked in to the Annapolis Wedding Chapel, but due to the size of our guest list, the ceremony would have to be held in their outdoor area (by December 15th, it might be too chilly outside for some of our guests), and $500 seems a bit steep. If the ceremony were indoors I'd readily shell out the cash, but the location seems to be too inconvenient to be worth the money.

At this point, we're seriously considering holding the ceremony at the restaurant, but I don't want it to seem like sort of an aside..."Oh, BTW, we're going to have a quick ceremony while we're waiting for the food to be ready..."

Does anyone have any suggestions for a convenient (no logistical complications like needing rental chairs, etc), cheap and/or indoor location in the Annapolis area where we could hold a quick ceremony? TIA.

Re: Ceremony Site in the Annapolis Area

  • The Historic Inns of Annapolis comes to mind. The Maryland Inn has a nice room with a fireplace at either end and huge mirrors, and if memory serves me right, the $500 ceremony fee included their basic conference room chairs.
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