Baltimore/Annapolis area rustic venue and lodging?

My guy and I would like to have a casual Maryland crab feast reception for 50 people.  I'd ideally like some sort of retreat center or casual resort setting where we could hold the crab feast and have lodging options on site (Dirty Dancing summer camp, anyone?)

I don't want to go TOO rustic, like, tent-camping, because we'll have some aunts and uncles in the bunch.  Anyone know of a place like this? Every reception venue I find that also has overnight accomodations is too swanky!

We'd like to be in the Annapolis or Baltimore area and ideally near the water.  Thanks!

Re: Baltimore/Annapolis area rustic venue and lodging?

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    I visited a venue JUST like this, BUT it is not near the water.  Call Camp Puhtok and ask for Claudia.  Its a kids camp, but if you wed outside of summer they rent it out for a very very fair price.  They have a lodge as their dining hall with a full kitchen (your caterer will love that) and they can sleep 40 people in the cabins maybe 100 feet from the lodge.  Keep in mind its a kids camp, so the beds are all twin-sized.

    It is basically the least expensive option we are considering.  If you want to see pictures, google the camp and look for their facebook page.  In their photos they have an album labeled Off Season Rental. 

    I remember overlooking a camp or two down in Anne Arundel county because it is a bit far for us.  I think one was called Camp Fretterd and they also have a beautiful rustic lodge.  I do not know if they offer any cabins or anything as I never looked into it.  Hope this helps steer you in the right direction!  :-)
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    Hi there!  My husband and I are a wedding photography team  in harford county -- here are a few ideas for locations!

    Camp Letts in Edgewater, MD -- when we were wedding planning ourselves, we looked here and it was beautiful! sounds like it fits what you're looking for too -- we don't have any personal experience working with them but worth checking out...

    Another place we've heard GREAT reviews about it Woodlawn Farm -- its more Southern Maryland but its near the water and has lodging available, and its beautiful, so figured it was worth mentioning...

    I also know a couple who got married at the Sherwood Forest Club -- they don't have a lot of info on their website but I know it was similar to what you are looking for...not sure about the lodging part though.  

    Good luck!

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    Did you find a place? I am looking for something similar!
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