HUGE CHECK!!!!!!!! (also a special shoutout to ashlidie)

We booked our venue!

I haven't posted on here in quite awhile because I was so torn about doing a local wedding or a destination wedding, but I'm happy to say that we decided to stay local!!  I couldn't be more excited.  FI and I have had an almost 4 year engagement and by the time we get hitched, it will be almost 6 years.

It's one of the sacrafices we had to make in getting our venue, but 4 years - almost 6 years, really what's the big rush at that point??!!  :-)

So our venue is The Union Mills Homestead!  So happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our wedding date will be September 13, 2014 - fall, rustic, I'm just overjoyed!!!

ashlidie, thanks for your feedback several months ago and also your huge sticky post at the top of this blog!  It helped a ton.
I hope we can share tips and ideas while you continue to plan your big day!!!
Thanks again!
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Re: HUGE CHECK!!!!!!!! (also a special shoutout to ashlidie)

  • Aww you totally made my night!!! I'm so glad you were able to nail down your venue, and my completely biased opinion is that you made a wonderful decision! Please keep me filled in as you start your planning and of course I'll be happy to answer any questions :)
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