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Me and my new finace both lived in Maryland almost all our lives and within the last year moved to Charlotte, NC and got engaged. For traveling and guest purposes we thought it would be easier for everyone if we got married in Maryland. We absolutely LOVE Herrington on the Bay and I have been searching for some type of pricing but havent found much. I dont have a set budget yet but I'm thinking $15,000 max with around 100-125 people. I have searched these boards but would love some pricing information from anyone who has semi recently either booked or been quoted a price from them. I'm already finding out planning a wedding this far away is going to be hard!! THANK YOU!!

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    I worked with a girl who had her reception there, so heard about plans and details daily and in detail. Pretty much it was all she did for a few weeks! The reception was lovely and the food was good. They did nickeled and dimed her to death, tho. Like, do you want tablecloths? Well, they are extra. Do you want cloth napkins? They are extra. Do you want the waiters to be dressed? She had to pay extra for each chair. It was run like a caterer where each spoon was an extra $1.00. After tax and tip, she said it was $150 per person. She could have been including centerpieces and DJ in that total too. It was nice, just make sure you are getting a complete total.
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    Hi there. I am getting married at Herrington in April. The price of the ceremony and reception rental will depend on the time of year you get married. It is pretty pricey, but we really loved the beauty of the location so we went for it. We chose April because they consider that "off season" and got half off the venue rental. I can e-mail you a pdf of sample menus (with pricing) and venue rental pricing that I received last spring when I was looking for a venue. Private message me your email if you're interested. The only way to look at their full menus and get pricing is to go there in person. Good luck!
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