Rehearsal Dinner Question??

Is it required to have a dinner?  It was my understanding that the groom's familyl is responsible for this however, it is becoming more apparent to me that they are not going too.  Should we organize some sort of dinner for our wedding party and out of town guests?  What do you all suggest?  Or b/c we may possibly be renting homes that are near the location of the wedding for the weekend should we just have a feast delivered to one of the locations...??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Question??

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    No, it is not required to have a RD.  No, the groom's parents are not responsible for throwing a RD, if they offer great, if not then it will be up to you and your FI to organize one (if you want one).

    Just remember that you don't have to do anything extravagant or expensive.  Do what you can afford and know that the RD really isn't about eating, it is about spending time with your WP and your OOTG (if you choose to invite them, which isn't a requirement either).

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    It is customary for the groom's parents to host a rehersal dinner, but not a given. We chose not to invite our out of town guests to the rehersal dinner, and stick to just parents, our wedding party, and their significant others. I have been told it's rude not to invite your out of town guests, but weddings are expensive enough without adding all your out of town guests to your rehersal dinner. They will be just fine. I plan on giving my out of town guests suggestions on places to check out and places to eat while they are in town.

    I'd suggest finding a place that isn't too expensive. It doesn't have to be fancy. I went to a rehersal dinner at a sports bar once and it was WAY better than going to a Ruths Chris type of place. Good luck!
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