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Everywhere i've looked for a reception hall said the same thing: "we csn schedule a tasting two weeks before your reception date".  I kept thinking "this is cray".  Needles to say, we reserved a reception hall (the location, price, availibility and sie is good).  So we had a tasting (after we put a deposit down, of course) and the food is not as flavorful as we would like it to be...  Should we suggest to the caterers that they can add more seasoning to our reception meal, or is that tacky.  Or should we start looking again for someplace to have our reception

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    it was chicken marsala, which I heard could be on the blander end in general, no matter who cooks it.  I am going to ask them if i can taste the chicken cordon blu and a fish..  maybe that would have a bolder taste
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    Chicken Marsala should not be bland if it is done right.  Are they using a demi-glaze and port wine reduction for the sauce?  With this and the mushrooms it should have some very exciting flavors.

    And yes -- you should feel free to ask your caterer to season it to your taste -- not tacky at all.
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    It tasted like port wine reduction sauce.  Very light... I am going to ask them about more seasoning.
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    If things are bland or boring you need to speak up.  Don't be afraid, they would rather know that their food is a bit off then you and your guests being unhappy on the wedding day.  Food is a big part of any wedding and if it sucks that is what everyone will remember.  If the food sucks then the reception venue certainly won't get any referrals from your guests.

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    This is honestly what I tell all of my clients (I am in the industry but will not say from where):


    You're the client, you're paying for the services, you should get what you want and you should not be afraid to voice any questions/comments/concerns.

    It's absurd to me that any venue/caterer would refuse to do a tasting before two weeks prior to the big day...I allow my wedding clients to make any and all changes to everything and anything up to five days prior to their contracted function date, but we're already hosting tastings for dates booked in 2014 (and you don't have to be a contracted client of mine for us to do a tasting for you).

    If you didn't already have a non-refundable deposit paid, I would say run in any other direction and look elsewhere, but it's tough to just let money go...unless you have a large budget and aren't concerned with losing your deposit.

    Best of luck to you.


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