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If there are any ladies here looking for a DJ just over the border in DE, please be wary of this company. here is a link explaining why...

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    Wow!!!  What a rude vendor!  Reviews are just that, reviews of the vendor.  He shouldn't bad mouth every single poor comment he receives, I think it is inevitably going to happen, perhaps he had a bad night.  But his response makes him go from "Oh so maybe one bride wasn't happy" to "What a jerk, calling you a drunken slob and 'too big' "  I wouldn't want a guy like that as my DJ.  IMO he was in better standing just leaving it alone.

    Im sorry he is making your wonderful night a stressful memory.
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    edited December 2011's a good thing you saved that screen shot.  As PP said, I don't know why he felt the need to respond to a review that, while negative, didn't really affect his overall rating.  Calling someone drunk and 'too big to carry' is completely ridiculous.  If I were looking for a DJ and he hadn't responded, I would probably have just chalked your experience up to an off night since he had so many other positive reviews, but after his reponse I wouldn't dream of hiring him - I'm sure he'll lose a lot of business.
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    I personally have not been in the wedding industry for very long, but I have never seen anything even close to this from any kind of vendor. Thank you for posting this so others know to stay far away!
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