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I just got engaged yesterday and already am thinking about things... but the biggest is my budget! I want a beautiful wedding that doesn't look cheap but IS cheap. Is this possible? We are getting married in MD somewhere (don't have any details yet except we will probably get married in Spring of 2013).

I am just scared that I won't get to have the wedding i've dreamed of because of money issues. I have less than 15k to work with.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Re: Getting that dream wedding...

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    You can pay for my wedding with 15k, with some to spare!  I have a venue with a caterer on a saturday and 150 guests.  Im not really taking too many shortcuts.  I was picky with my venue so that the catering and venue rental came to a sum (including tax and gratuity) that was in my budget.  You need to make your budget first, I guess a good place to start is the budgeter on here and it can help guide you and tell you how much you can spend to rent your venue space, for catering, etc.

    From there, think of your theme... I wanted a barn, you might want by the water, or in a grand ballroom, or a posh loft in the city, whatever.  You might get discouraged but trust me, there are many places that will meet your budget.  The best thing is to limit your guest list, food is the most expensive thing for us.  Over time you will get creative and see that maybe you want a barn, but historic mills or kids camps actually have them too instead of just farms.  We ended up booking at a historic mill and the barn is awesome!
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    oh my gosh yes! Our wedding is a little under 15 and we have a lot of really cool perks an unique aspects to it. Its in a castle for 130 people.

    2013---you have a lot of time to look around for deals and get some money. That type of thing. We will be engaged for a year and a half by the time we get married...and that time has really helped us to budget our money. We have had ample time to pay for things. And now, everything is paid we are just waiting for the big day!

    congrats on your engagement. Dont jump into things right away....take some time to actually enjoy the engagement before planning every day!

    good luck and shop around...its absolutely possible. ( <--- has a lot of awesome, unique deals.

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    MeghannsixMeghannsix member
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    I agree with PP's.  You have time on your side, use the next few months just looking around and researching.  Check out the classifieds board every so often, you can get amazing deals there.  My wedding is 18 months away, we have a guest list of 200, and I completely expect to come in under $15k, since I've had the time to really plot and plan the most cost effective options.  Good luck!
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    Defintely sit down with your Fiance and figure out your total budget.  This will help you be able to stick within your budget and guide your decisions along the way. 

    One thing that we did was sit down and talk about what each of us really wanted for the wedding - things like venue that is beautiful on it's own and does not need a lot of extra decor, great music, and good food.  This will help you figure out what is important and what is not. 

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    Hello, check out Sweet Sensations LLC. Other than a venue, we can help you with almost everything else. Catering, cakes, decor, linens,other rentals, coordination, lighting, centerpieces, chiavari chairs, drapes, you name it, we have it. The best part, is that we are more affordable than other companies!!! Though on our site, we set amazing flat rate prices, we will also do our best to accommodate any budget!!! Call us!!!!

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