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I am an in very, very early stages of looking for reception venues and I believe in planning early.  I grew up on the Eastern Shore and wanted to get married there.  I wanted to get married at the church where I grew up, but I want to have the reception at somewhere elegant (or that can be made to look elegant), near water (preferably with a waterfront view, indoor (it will be next Spring), and reasonable (no more than 12K for 150 guests).  I wouldn't mind an inclusive (site and food), but I wouldn't be opposed to hiring a separate caterer at the right setting.  The ideal area would be Talbot, Dorchester, or Caroline (are there any good places there in Caroline?).   Anything further than that would be too far from the church.  Any good ideas jumping out at you?  Also, if you know places that I shouldn't even consider that would help save me time!


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    Here's some places I've already researched:

    The Milestone in Easton, MD -- not elegant enough and not near water so I didn't even look further into prices.

    The Inn at Perry Cabin would not have enough space for my estimated guests so it was no need to look further into it.

    P.S. The budget is a little flexible to get something that we are satisfied with.

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    is your 12k budget for your entire wedding, or just the reception? You may want to look at Harbourtowne Resort in St. Michaels (MUCH more affordable that the Inn at Perry Cabin) and the Hyatt Regency Cheaspeake Bay. I think they can both accomodate a group of that size indoors on the water. If you are willing to travel more, the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club and the Kent Manor Inn are other options. I think the issue you will find is that many waterfront locations on the shore are based on hosting events in tents, so they don't have large indoor event areas. Good luck! 
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    Thanks for responding.  It's 12K for the reception. I'll take a look at your suggestions.
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    The Hyatt in Cambridge (Dorchester) It is beautiful, right on the river.
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