The Real Geniuses? Band or DJ recommendations?

While I'm posting tonight, has anyone heard or hired the Real Geniuses for their band?? They are an 80s cover band but also do oldies and modern pop. Just wondering! Their fee is $3000 and I'm also wondering if there are any other area bands that I'm overlooking who might be a bit less expensive. (Although, the other bands I contacted were like $6000, so to cut that in half is a pretty good start.)

We can't decide between hiring a DJ and springing for a band... this is my "wedding task" right now. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks all!

Re: The Real Geniuses? Band or DJ recommendations?

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    Great post!  My FI and I are interested in booking a band as well, but after receiving quotes of $5,000+ started to get a little discouraged!  Do you have any thoughts/tips on researching bands?
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    Hi! I don't know how to look for bands, I looked on weddingwire and theknot so far and I'm going to do some more googling tonight. There are a bunch of bands listed on the Washington Talent website but I get the feeling that those are expensive too since they're contracted THROUGH that agency. I'm going to email some anyway though. I also contacted Mutual Fun Band but they seem a little more "Wedding Singer"-ish. They are more affordable but I also didn't get as good a vibe from the man I was emailing with as I did from the guy I talked to with Real Geniuses. 

    Still wondering if I'm overlooking anything/anyone else though!
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    Go with a DJ, you will have much more fun throughout the night.  Try Jason Canaan at Quality Entertainment.  He is the best in the area.
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    If you're looking for bands, I suggest contacting Vicky at Entertainment Exchange...I do not know what they charge but I know they represent a lot of groups and if they're out of your pricerange I'm sure they can tell you the best place to look to help fit within your target price range. All that being said, a DJ will definitely be a more economical option.
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