Emerald Cut Video (Photographer/Videographer/Music)

Have you heard of Emerald Cut Video? 

A close friend of mine, is getting married in the fall and has already hired Emerald Cut Video to do their wedding-- I believe they have a studio in Georgetown and I already set an appointment for next week!! I wanted to post this because if you decide you like Emerald Cut Video (as much as we do) you can save time and money!! That's because they offer 3 services (videography/photography/music).

Since this is a discussion board, I wanted to share some information that my give you a little background about Emerald Cut Video. Hope it helps, but check out their website too!! 

Emerald Cut is one of Washington Dc's most innovative wedding video/photography and music companies. They know what it takes to make your special day memorable. They shoot stunning wedding videos while providing the best customer service possible. 

Emerald Cut Video produces something beyond wedding videography, they tailor to you and your personalities. Emerald Cut Video provides three services (videography, photography, & music)--which can be a money saver! 


--please let me know if you have ever experienced Emerald Cut Video or what other companies you have found that might be of interest!!


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