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Vacation Home Rental for reception

I am having the ceremony at the Naval Academy Chapel and thought it would be ideal to throw an intimate reception at a large luxury vacation home right around annapolis.  My parents and bridesmaids (who live out of town)  could stay in the home for the days surroundin the wedding and we could DiY the decor and things and then hire a caterer for the food.  Only trouble is I can't seem to find the right home.  I have tried the Vacation Rental websites and NO ONE will respond to my emails AT ALL!  Does any one know someone with a rental or have suggestions for how to go about finding one that will respond ?  Any help would be appreciated. 

Re: Vacation Home Rental for reception

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    OMG yes!  I have posted wanted ads, checked craiglist frequently and have send NUMEROUS emails out to homeowners in the area on sites like VRBO.com, etc.  I am looking into conventional venues, because the house idea seems like a dead end at every turn.  SO FRUSTRATED. 
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    A friend of mine tried to do this for her wedding last year and gave up.  No one wanted to rent for a big event b/c of the liability issues.  Not only that, but it would have ended up being much more expensive when you added the costs of renting a dance floor, tents, tables, linens, port-a-potties, etc. - all the things most venues will have included with their rental costs.

    Have you looked at B&B places where you could have the wedding and your family could stay?  Another friend of mine got married last year at The Briar Patch in VA.  They had the wedding and reception on site and the family rented out the entire B&B for the weekend.

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    Hi Ladies,
      I have a friend in Eastport who rents out her house as a vacation home. She said that she would be willing to speak with you about the possibility of having your reception there.
      I'm new to the knot, but I'll see if I can figure out how to send you a message to put you two in touch.

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