Delmarva Reception site ideas please

My sister is stressing out about where to have her wedding & reception in the Delmarva area.  She will have up to 130 guests and wants to keep the budget under $10K if possible.  She's all about doing something super casual - even a BBQ.  But finding an affordable venue is proving to be difficult.  They looked at the Ratcliff House which is the kind of venue they are drawn to, but they'd have to rent a tent, portable toilets, etc., and that adds up quickly.  The venue needs to have indoor and outdoor options - they are super outdoorsy people but don't want to be without a backup plan.  Oh, and she does not want anything cliche - no hotel ballrooms, please! 

Re: Delmarva Reception site ideas please

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    HEy i can help with this! I'm getting married at the Tea Barn in Elkton Md! The venue is a 3 day rental for $490 (which is amazingly cheap) and it's a 2 story rustic barn. The ceremony is going to be in Paddock Feild which is a $170 rental. it's right in the same feild the barn is located at.  Now my caterer is Mission BBQ and i'll be paying $10.95 a person! Which they are an AMAZING BBQ place, they pride them self on everything being Home made and delicious.  I also put an ad up on craigslist for my photographer and DJ and i got both for under $1000! I plan on my wedding costing me under $5000. So if i can do it you guys sure can!
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    Thanks!  I will pass along the info to my sister.
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    I am wondering where you found contact info for the Tea Barn?? I am also looking for a reasonably priced location and that looks beautiful :) Thanks!
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