Having a FRIEND marry us (vs. officiant)?

Does anyone know about getting married in Maryland and having a friend or family member perform the ceremony? Do they need to get ordained or can you have sort of a faux-ceremony and then make it really official via the marriage license? Thanks for your help!

Re: Having a FRIEND marry us (vs. officiant)?

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    Yep, they would have to get ordained.  But check with your county.  We were married in Frederick by my stepfather who is a minister in another state.  They never even asked me for proof of him being ordained or associated with a church, just told me he needed to be...

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    Good to know, thanks for the help!!
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    One of our really good friends is marrying us.  He got ordained online in about 10 minutes.  He checked the requirements in Maryland and in Baltimore City where we are getting married.  We preferred having our friend marry us because if feels like it would mean a lot more coming from someone we know then some randown person we hire.

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