Caterer for Frederick, MD wedding????

We are getting married at Shade Trees & Evergreens in Frederick, MD... 

I need a caterer! We want something "casual" and I can't find any full service catering within our budget!!! =( 

Anyone have any ideas? 

Re: Caterer for Frederick, MD wedding????

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    Does your venue have a list of recommended, or ever required caterers?  I know some venues only let certain caterers work at their functions, and even if they're more flexible they way give you a few places to look.
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    My cousin just got married there a few weeks ago and she used Lighters.  But she did her own bar (hired bartenders) and bought the drinks for the bar separate from Lighters.
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    Okay, I'll look into "Lighters" 

    Did she like the fact that she hired her own bartenders and brought in drinks? Would she do that again, money/annoyance wise? Or would she have an all inclusive catering?

    thank you so much for the advice!
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    To be honest, I haven't asked her.  But, I think cost wise, it was much more reasonable.  I think the bartenders only cost about $150 each for 5 - 6 hours (she had 2) and they bought all the soda and mixers on sale at grocery stores, etc.  Plus, for the liquor and wine - anything that wasn't used/opened, could be returned for money back.

    She had about 150 guests - the liquor/beer/wine cost about $1200, $300 for bartenders, and maybe a couple hundred for mixers and non-alcoholic beverages.  Now, I have no idea how much she ended up returning, but I'm sure it was a decent amount.  I think, for her, the cost savings was worth any inconvenience.

    Hope that helps!
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    you should def check out santonis market in reisterstown, md. they will come to frederick! we are using them for our wedding in the frederick area and they are delivering. we arent going full service tho, since our wedding is in the evening we are just doing cocktail reception with light finger foods and such. but i do know they have full service catering.
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    we still haven't found a caterer that we can afford! im starting to worry MAJORLY!!!!!
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    It won't let me PM you, but Angel Chefs Catering is great, and not too expensive. It's a small company. As of now they don't have alcohol, but I'm not sure about in the future. 

    Anyway, PM me if you want more details.
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    I'm using Carriage House Catering. They are budget friendly and will create a personalized menu for you, if you don't see anything you like in their pre-prepared menus. 
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