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I'm looking for an affordable wedding venue for Summer 2013.  I'd love something in either Maryland/Virginia, or by the Chesapeake Bay.  We are planning on around 200 guests.  Also, if possible, we'd love to have the reception dinner and dancing in the same room (no separate locations for dancing).  Any ideas??  Thanks!

Re: Wedding venues!

  • There are so many great options in this area, but I think we need a bit more information before we can make a smart recommendation.

    Do you prefer an inclusive venue, or would you rather source everything yourself?

    What is your budget for the venue? Food and drinks? Linens and china?

    What kind of wedding do you want to have? e.g. cool & contemporary, whimsical, rustic, forrmal/semi-formal/casual, beach/waterfront, classic hotel ballroom, etc.

    Are you okay with something sem-destination-90 minutes or more from the area where most of your guests are?

    Do you want someplace that offers a weekend's worth of activities?

    Do you prefer city, suburbs, or country?
  • I would love to have an inclusive venue just so I could get the price and know that it was final (not so many added on costs).  But I am flexible.  Hoping to stay around 20,000 or 25,000 at the most as a budget for everything (venue, food, drinks, etc). 

    I want a very relaxed wedding but I love the waterfront venues I have found.  Rustic sounds neat too. I love the idea of a tent, something white and beautiful (white drapes look so nice). 

    Would be fine driving a little ways to anything just would like somewhere near to the venue for out of town guests to stay.
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