new Silver Swan Bayside??

I recently visited SSB and absolutely loved it.  I met with a new women, Val, who has been there since around August and assured me that the previous issues were resolved.  Anyone work with Val or had a wedding there since August? I'm seriously considering this place but am concerned about all the negative feedback I've seen.  Am hoping the place is truly different under new management- any input would be appreciated!!

Re: new Silver Swan Bayside??

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    I am a current bride getting married there in April.  I have had my resverations with all of the negative comments I have seen on here, but we were already booked, so we are pushing through.  I have read several recent reviews on weddingwire that were very positive-mentioning thnigs like the staff being hard to contact, but the weddings turned out great in the end.  I hope to have more of an idea in the next couple months when we go in for our planning meeting. 
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    I have a friend who got married at Silver Swan last month.  I honestly must say the the coordinator was a complete bone head and had not idea what was going on or how to run a wedding.  I felt so badly for my friend as her big day was poorly managed by Silver Swan.  The DJ at the event actuallly took over control of the ceremony and reception to keep things on track.  He was the only reason the Bride and Groom made it through the night.  While Silver Swan is a beautiful place the staff and management still needs a lot of improvement.  You should check out the Beach Club down the road.
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    I think the initial sales process and the planning process throughout all the planning months has a lot to say about what the day of is going to be like.

    In this industry, there are times that are extremely busy and it can be difficult to get back to clients and/or potential clients within a 48 hour timeframe (without having to work over 70 hours a week) although this should certainly not be the norm.

    Sometimes written phone messages are lost or get shuffled in a file on a desk, someone might be out of the office for a few days, etc., but again this should certainly not be the norm.

    I work in a historic building circa 1744 and because of the specific type of plaster used in the walls from time to time I have connectivity issues/network issues and I may miss some emails for an extended period of time (I'm told it's just the cost of doing business in such a location) but I always give my clients my cell phone number and there's no excuse for me to not answer my cell phone or return any voicemail in a timely manner.

    There are a lot of beautiful venues all over the place and you shouldn't decide on a venue based on looks alone - the staff has a lot to do with the overall success of the function (especially the wedding coordinator and the head chef regarding facility and catering).

    I always tell my potential wedding clients to do as much research as possible and that reviews will always tell you what the real story is.

    Now I know nothing of this particular venue nor do I know of their new staff, however it sounds like kind of a crapshoot to me, so with such an important day in your life why leave anything up to chance rather than picking a venue that you know is tried & true?!

    Kind of a rant/ramble, but I hope this is helpful information to you. Best of luck with your decision...Cheers!
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