Ceremony at Baker Park Bell Tower?

Does anyone know if you can reserve the area at the Baker Park Bell Tower in Frederick, MD to hold a ceremony?

Re: Ceremony at Baker Park Bell Tower?

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    I think that you can. I believe that if you do they will also put new mulch down at your request. I am not a 100% on that but I beleieve that one one of the city Alderwomen had her son's wedding at the tower about 3 years ago. I heard it on the radio. Check with the parks and rec. department and winchester hall. do not take no for an answer from the first person you speak with. I have learned that nobody seems to know the correct answer to anything these days so call different people! You are probably going to get a lot of transfers to other people but eventually someone will know and my guess is that you will get a yes.  best of luck to you!!! 
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    You certainly can, I have been to and seen weddings there. In fact that is on our list now :) It is currently free to rent it, I suggest also renting the band shell next to it for $50 to make sure that nothing else is happening at the same time.

    also helpful when we did my sister's wedding in downtown we got some no parking signs for the meter spots for the bridal party and the cars that held the grandparents. I think it was like $5 or $10 deposit, then return the sign for your money back
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