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I am so confused!! I have been two 7 different bridal stores. I started off at Davids Bridal's which they didn't have anything I liked. I went to Stella's Bridal e and I narrowed it down to 2. I wanted to continue looking since that was just the 1st store I found something that I liked. So I went to Amanda Ritchie Bridalstore. I decided I didn't ike the 2 at Stella's anymore after being in this store. So at Amanda Ritchey I narrowed it down to one, but I didn't want to spend over $1000.00. It was only $1165. My mother keeps telling me you shouldn't spend a lot for a dress since you are only going to have it on for 6 hours. My fiance is saying the same things. So I thought I would go back to David's Bridal to try of 3 dresses I seen in their book that was only $500, but once I tried them on I didn't like them at all. So went to Mary's bridal store and narrowed it down to two dresses that were about $1000.00. I was going to make a decision, but my mother says maybe you should just sleep on it. It made me sad. Then later she tells me you should just get what you want. Your spending all this money on people to come to your wedding whey don't you get what you want!! I couldn't believe she just said that. I told her she is confusing me!! So yesterday I went looking again. The first store (Cameo II Bridal) I went to I found a dress that I really liked and it was only $899. I said ok that's it I am not going to look anymore. I had another appointment at Bridal's by Elena, but decided I wasn't going to go. After talking to my mother and best friend/maid of honor we decided to check out the store. I am now sick of trying of dresses. It's not fun anymore. I found a dress that I liked at Bridal's by Elena, but now I am confused again! I shouldn't have went to another store. Please let me know what you think. - (Ella 5468) This is the one I seen at Cameo II Bridal yesterday. Do you think this is more a beach type wedding dress? I am not getting married on the beach. I didn't realized until I got on here it was a dress that I had selected a long time ago as a favorite when I created my knot account. My mother was the one who picked the dress out when we were at the store. After going to the second store yesterday she things this dress may be too light and I will be cold since I am getting married in November. - (Allure 8859) This is the 2nd dress we seen yesterday at the 2nd store. My mother thinks this is more sophisticated.

I am so indecisive! I don't want to try on anymore. Should I pick between these two or go look at the other 3 I liked at the other stores too. - Allure 8750 is one I seen at Amanda Richey's.

Please give me your input.
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Re: **Duplicate Post*** HELP**

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    Just to give you some additional information.  I am having the ceremony & reception at Michael's 8th Avenue in November.
    **I am getting married to Mr. Wonderful on 11/3/2012**
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    I am so sorry you are so confused!  I have been to Amanda Ritchey and did love it there.  I personally like the Cameo dress BUT only because my wedding is summer and very informal.  Of the three, I would think the second and third are more november appropriate and for your venue. 

    Now, I know Davids has a similar dress to the second one, if you are still trying to maintain a budget

    I love both of the Allure gowns and the above davids gown, I really do not think you can go wrong with any of them!  I think my best recommendation is go try them on again, see how you feel but dont go to other salons!  You sound overwhelmed...
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    Yes, I loved the Amanda Ritchey store.  They were so professional and nice! I loved and appreciated all their help.  I would recomend them to everyone!  It's just that I don't know if that's really the dress. I call the store today to see if i could make an appointment to go back to try on that dress, but no one answered.  I think they may have been closed for the Holiday.  I called Mary's Bridal and made an appointment to try on the 2 I tried on at that store. They gave me an appointment for Wednesday.  So I will let you know how that goes.  You are right I don't think I need to go to any different stores. lol.  The gown you mentioned at David's is one of the dresses I went to try on, but I didn't like it once I tried it on. 

    So I am going to try them on again!!  Thanks for your input!
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    I think all three are lovely, but for your event, I think the second one is my favorite.  I'm planning a beach-y wedding, I think I like the first one for myself, so thanks for the tip!

    Breathe, relax, this should be fun, hang in there!
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    I wanted to let everyone know that I finally decided on a dress! I went back to Mary's and tried on the two. The sales associates acted like they were both by Mary. She told Mary that I was undecided between the dress there and another dress at another place. Mary came out asking me where it was and who was the designer. She brought out her laptop and told me to show her the dress because I told her one was Allure and one was Ella. She said she could order any dress I liked. She had me try on another dress which it was nice but not the one. Then she said that Allure gown looked better on you. I was like ok Allure. I didn't like the dishonesty of the sales person. She also said she didn't know the size of the dress i tried on. She said it didn't have a size in the dress. I was like what!! Any way I went home and searched until I found it. I called around and The Bridal Boutique in Columbia had the dress. I went there and tried it on. They were so nice to me. From the time I called to inquire about the dress until I left the store. I went by myself. I can't believe I decided on my own. I am going back on Sunday with my mother and my aunt to put down the deposit. Let me know what you think. It's the allure 8809. I love it! It made me feel different then any other dress I tried on.

    **I am getting married to Mr. Wonderful on 11/3/2012**
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