New Bride to Be Not Local to the Area-Need help on Venues!

Hello all!

I just recently got engaged and both my fiance and I are not originally from Maryland but we are thinking we want to have our wedding here.  Does anyone have some good suggestions on budget friendly venues?  I would like to have our ceremony outdoors.


Re: New Bride to Be Not Local to the Area-Need help on Venues!

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    What part of Maryland are you looking for...Eastern Shore, Mountains, Annapolis, downtown Baltimore, etc?

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    Check out Brittland Estates a beautiful venue with many options for outdoor, indoor and/or a combination of both.  I am a prefered vendor for cakes for this venue and love working with them.  Great venue check it out at
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    where are you interested in?  I found a lot of good ones when I was looking :)

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    Our venue is very budget friendly and it's outdoors, but the reception is outdoors under a tent as well, so I'm not sure if that suits you. There's not a ton of info online, but you can google it, it's called the Billingsley House Museum. If you google Billingsley Houes Museum wedding pictures, there are a few people who have their actual pictures posted and you can get a sense for what it's like. We felt very lucky to find an outdoor venue, including tent, tables, and chairs, for under $1000. 
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    We are open to the city, outisde of the city ( I love nice ballrooms but then I could also do a beautiful outdoor reception under a tent)  near water would be a plus but obviously that increases the price!

    Thanks everyone :)

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