Reception/food as % of total budget on Eastern Shore?

Hi all,

I recently got engaged and am thinking of having my wedding on the Eastern Shore in MD.  I am trying to understand how the budget for the venue/food etc. fits into the total budget for the wedding (including photographer, invitations, florist etc.).  Have any of you planned a wedding at the following places:
  • Kent Manor Inn
  • Silver Swan Bayside
  • Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

How much did you spend on your wedding TOTAL and what piece of that was on the venue/food?  We are envisioning having ~200 guests if that's helpful...

Thank you!!

Re: Reception/food as % of total budget on Eastern Shore?

  • Alot can depend on the style you are trying to have and your means. Meaning, If you have the means to spend $3000 on a good photographer and want to, then go for it, if you only have about $10k to spend on the whole wedding, then perhaps a newer photographer or a student that one has good work to show you and 2), that is willing to give you a good package then maybe thats a better option. However, just because you have the money to spend, doesnt mean you have to. Why spend 3 bucks on one chair cover, when you can find companies out there that will rent them for $.75. I would first shop around for vendors in that area and throughout MD/DC/VA. Food can be tricky because alot of venues require you to use their own caterer, so their food per person rates tend to be higher because the only way you can have your wedding at their place is if you pay for their food. And if you love their place, then... But if you want to help save on food, maybe a venue that allows outside catering and outside liquor.  We ended up lucking out and finding a good wedding service company that was like a all inclusive service company and their prices were right up our alley. PM me if you would like their contact info.

    Hope this helps a bit!!
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    Kent Manor was about $90 per person for the menu we were looking at, and it was 2 years ago when we got that quote. We were planning a consumption bar. I found that food was in the $75-125 per person range.

    Edit: We spent about $8700 on the venue, food, and drinks for 30 people. It was money well spent. :)
  • Another place to consider on the Eastern Shore is Prospect Bay Country Club.  I recently had a wedding there and it was fantastic.  The ceremony site overlooks the 18th hole of the golf course and the reception area is very nice.  Food was excellent and they have an onsite coordinator who is excellent.  I think the average cost per person ended up being $65 which included a land & sea meal, open bar and appetizers.  I would strongly suggest at least looking into it.  I found it be a great value!
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