Advise on DJ/florist in Petoskey/Bay Harbor area?

Good morning! :)

Husband and I are finally having our wedding ceremony (after eloping about 5 yrs ago) so this is more of a renewal of vows, I guess... We are having the ceremony/reception at "the Inn at Bay Harbor". We are paying for the wedding, so I am trying to stay on a low budget. Does anyone know any reliable and good DJ's around this area? I don't expect super cheap b/c I know you get what you pay for, but trying to stay in budget as far as DJ and flowers...
Please help!!

Thank you!

Re: Advise on DJ/florist in Petoskey/Bay Harbor area?

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    Pluister Entertainment is located 3 miles from the Inn at Bay Harbor and has been serving couples with excellence in Wedding Reception DJ Services. 
    231 348 8185
    We serve ALL of northern Michigan
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