tawas bay beach resort??

has anyone had or attended a wedding at tawas bay resort?? i'm helping a BM & she's looking for a beach wedding.  this place looks like it might fit the bill since it's also a hotel (she wants it to be a weekend, casual type affair).  TIA.

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Re: tawas bay beach resort??

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    I have never been to a wedding at this hotel, but I've stayed there a few times.  The beach itself is gorgeous!  Lake Huron is just absolutely beautiful, especially in the summer time.  My family owns property about 15 minutes from there and we've stayed there on occasion.  They have always been super nice and accommodating.  We stayed there once in the middle of the winter, so it was pretty dead.  Everything closes really early around there, and we were hungry late at night.  We asked if there was any fast food or anything that would be open, and the bartender said no, but that he'd open up the kitchen and make us some grilled cheese sandwiches.  I thought that was really nice of them!  I would definitely say it's worth looking into.  Seems like a great place for an up north beach wedding!  Good luck! 
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    my fiances famly owns this resort...the beach is beautiful for a wedding....they just put new carpeting in the harbor rooms for a reception with new paint for ceileings if you have any questions call and ask for a girl name jasmin she will answer any quetions for you:)
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