Questions about Visions at CenterPoint

Has anyone been to or had their reception/ceremony at Visions At CenterPoint?

My fiance and I are considering booking it as our venue. The price seems really reasonable for the water view. Hoping that it isn't too good to be true.

Also, wanted to know if the food was good. That is really important to us.

Would appreciate feedback!


Re: Questions about Visions at CenterPoint

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    Hi - we looked at it as well and ended up at Timberlee Hills becuase we prefered Timberlee's ceremony site.  What I heard is that they own another facility that is also popular (Greystone, I think) and that they are known for good food.  What I recall is that you purchase your own alcohol - so that's a plus.

    I wish I had more to say, but thought that might help. :)  Good luck!

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    Their food is really good! My sister got married at Greystone Manor a few years ago and it was amazing. You buy the entire package so it takes some stress out of the wedding planning but if you specific centerpieces in mind you are kind of screwed because they only give you so many options for centerpieces.
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