Wedding Bands in Northern Michigan?

Ladies, I need your help!

My fiance and i are looking for a band to play at our reception that's located somewhere in northern michigan (or will travel there without charge) - we want an ensemble/band that is young and jazzy (a la michael buble) but can't seem to find any groups that fit the bill.  Any leads would be very helpful!


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Re: Wedding Bands in Northern Michigan?

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    hi! I am also trying to plan a wedding in northern michigan (ludington, to be exact) next summer. I have gotten a few good leads on some bands out of Detroit, but was underwhelmed by anything from Grand Rapids. Let me know if you come accross something - you should also check out weddingbee.com - there are alot of other forums on there that can be helpful.

    thanks -

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    We hired the Lookout Cats for my sister's and my weddings.  They're located in Traverse City, but I got married in the Detroit area and they traveled for it.  My sister got married in the U.P. and they traveled for that.  They are AWESOME!!!  Everyone at both weddings said they were the best wedding band they had ever heard.  They can do ANYTHING.  Here's their website http://www.davidchown.com/lookoutcats.php
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    P.S. If you have questions about them, you can email me at: [email protected]
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    I am giong to check out the Lookout Cats but I was wondering if you found any additional bands for your wedding.  I am also planning a wedding in Michigan (about 45 minutes south of Traverse City) and I know good bands are pretty limited up there.  Any additional info would be great!  Also, did you have a photographer you liked?

    Trying to plan from Chicago so any advice/help is much appreciated!


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