Vendor reviews from 9/2/12 Wedding

Hi everyone - we just had the most amazing wedding weekend in Traverse City, so I thought I would share reviews of our vendors for the board.  We live downstate so planning from a far could have posed a challenge, but we had such great vendors that helped us through it all. 

Venue - Timberlee Hills.  A- - all in all they did a great job. Planning from downstate, there were a lot of emails exhanged and the coordinator is very responsive, but sometimes things got lost in translation via email.  That is the only negative and why I said A-.  On the plus side - the food was great, the staff was very attentive, and the venue has an outdoor ceremony location.  They worked with us to procure local beverages to serve, and help set up the entire room.  Once we arrived we just followed their direction for the ceremony - they are essentially a day of coordinator included in the price.  They did a lot of other things too I just can't remember them all right now :)

Photographer - Ashley Avila Photography - A+ - Ashely is based in Grand Rapids and is very reasonably priced.  She does unlimited hours and worked with us from 10 am - 10 pm.  She is a fun person to work with and got a long great with our group.

Make-up - Julie Funkey - A - Julie is a fun lady to work with!  And very very affordable - $50 for bridal, and $35 for eveyrone else, plus a discount for groups over a certain size. Free trial for the bride too!   http://www.makeupbyjulief.com

Flowers - A - Field of Flowers Farm - if you love the rustic natural look, this is your place.  They grow all their own flowers on site - we had beautiful dahlias, zinnias, hydraegeas, and lots more. Not sure how the price compares to other places - but it is worth it.

Fireworks - A - Peninsula Pyrotechnics.  This was a splurge and surprise for my fiance, but it was worth every penny!  Depending on your budget and location, I would highly recommend adding fireworks to your wedding.  We spent $1000 for a 5-7 minute show and our guests were WOWED.  It was amazing.  Laura is very helpful to work with.

Music - Northern connections DJs - A - Timberlee Hills uses them exclusively, although I believe we could bring in our own if we wanted to.  the owner Scot, met with us to talk about our needs, and then the onsite DJ for our wedding was great. We were worried about playing too many cheesy songs and no one dancing, but Clayton really read the crowd and kept the dance floor pretty full all night.  

Minister - Rev. Ken Grimes, Northern Michigan Weddings - A - we only emailed with Ken before the wedding, but since he provides two types of ceremonies already outlined, it was easy to insert our own special touches into the ceremony.  He arrived early, reviewed what would happen and then we had the ceremony.  What's nice is he offers different attire choices - robe, cleric collar or suit, so you can really customize how he looks to fit your ceremony.  Very nice and easy to work with.

Nails - Ephiphany Salon East, TC, A - we had a mani/pedi day with the bridal party and the ladies at the salon treated us well!  

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    DO you have any more info on Rev. Ken Grimes? We are getting Married in Frankfort and are trying to find some one!!! Thank you for all the info it helped out alot.... and some info on the lady that did your Make up thank you so much!!! 
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    hi - here are the links for their websites - both are on email frequently too.

    Our wedding was $375, and they charge an additional fee for attending a rehearsal.  I think the fee is ultimately based on travel distance, but I think they would serivce Frankfort.

    For the make-up artist, she is based in TC and does do onsite make-up, but I am not sure how far she travels.  

    good luck!

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