Venue Reviews

I'm looking at a couple of venues and wondering if I could get some feedback???

-Frog Pond
-Visions at Centerpointe
-Greystone Mansion
-Castle Farms

I have read mixed reviews. Feedback would help.

Thank you!

Re: Venue Reviews

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    Greystone and Visions are owned by the same people so you'll get the same vibe with different settngs. Both of these placs do not allow you to bring in your own centerpieces, they offer 5-6 options for you to choose from so if you don't mind not being able to personalize then they are the way to go. My post would be longer but this site is so screwed up with that stupid 'TV' up top that I can barely type anything...THE KNOT LIVE IS STUPID!! GET RID OF IT!!
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    I just read your comment and have to disagree. Greystone Mansion and Visions offer centerpieces in their package. You may use them or bring in your own. We actually used the glassware, candles and mirrors and had out florist come in and add to them. This saved us the cost of renting the centers from the florist.
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    Did you think Bob and Jo were easy to work with?
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    Castle Farms was our venue. It is beautiful but a little pricy.
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