Reception in the Petoskey/Harbor Springs area

My fiance and I are planning a church wedding in Petoskey for next summer. We plan to invite about 200 guests, and we're having a really hard time choosing a reception site. Our current favorite is the Blue Room at Boyne Highlands, but I'm not 100% in love with the place. We're also considering the idea of an outdoor reception on a lake with a big tent, but I don't do well with chilly weather, so there would have to be an indoor alternative that's big enough for all of our guests.

Any ideas or suggestions? We don't have an enormous budget, so places like Bay Harbor are out...

Re: Reception in the Petoskey/Harbor Springs area

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    That's the trouble- everything up here is expensive.

    Um...try the waterfront park in Petoskey, you can sometimes get the museum to open up for an indoor space. Have you thought about Stafford's Bay View Inn or the Perry Hotel? Either of those have nice spaces to use, both indoors and out. The Bay View Terrace Inn may be available, or the Crooked Tree Arts Center downtown has gallery space, but it'd be a really tight squeeze for 200.

    It's been YEARS since I actually went inside the LT airport, but they may have a cool banquet room or something...

    Or, you start moving into Harbor Springs. There are lots of little parks (Jean Jardine, by City Hall, is one) where you could rent and set up a tent.
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    There are a handful of places because we were in the same boat. the K of C hall in petoskey is nice but you had to be out by a certain time and depending on the day of your event EVERYTHING had to be taken care of the night of the event. There is a hall in Cheyboygan (if you dont mind the drive) that we were going to rent room for 300 kitchen and two bar areas etc. we ended up finding a church in st ignace we really liked so our reception venue is the little bear east arena up there also seating 300 with a kitchen etc etc
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