Looking for live band that plays anything?

We are getting married July 2012 in Charlevoix, MI and are looking for a band that will play current music as well as classics.  We also want a band that will play ours and our guest's requests.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks! 

Re: Looking for live band that plays anything?

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    Honey, I work with a lot of bands and you won't find that anywhere. You have to submit a list of requested songs prior for them to make sure they have down. Bands will play only what they have in their group playlists. Open requests are really hard to honor as usually only part of the group knows a particular song. Unless they have practiced a piece, most won't even touch it.

    Sorry Hon, You want a DJ.
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    Check out Trilogy. They have a very broad song list on their website: http://www.trilogy-music.com/

    I'm originally from the Grand Rapids area. They are one of my fave local bands.
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    I am looking for the same thing! I am planning an August 2012 wedding on the lake an hour south of Traverse City.  On another board, someone mentioned the Lookout Cats but I am looking for any other suggestions. 

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    Check us out at the following link.  We are a top-notch wedding band!  Visit out website, listen to our soundtracks, watch our videos, and see what others have said about us:
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