need advice for michigan local magazine

Hey Knotties,

I am back with a question for the magazine. Tell me:

What is your best wedding tip or secret? We want secrets from our Knotties that you might tell a new bride and something that they might not get from anywhere else. Maybe it’s to choose wedding colors that you’ll love in your home so that you can repurpose some of your wedding décor. Or maybe it’s to join the message boards! 

Spill your best secrets below and thanks in advance. Your advice is always priceless!

Knot Annie
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Re: need advice for michigan local magazine

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    I’m a lurker here, but thought I’d answer since I’m from Michigan. My advice is on registry. Register for china if you think you’ll use it anytime in the future. It’s the one time in your life that people are going to buy you such an expensive gift at one time. There are some pretty cool and fun patters out there.
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    My best advice is to listen to your local knotties reviews on vendors, they've dealt with them and can give you a good insight on who you want to work with and who you should run from! 
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    Be open to new ideas and advice but remember this is your day.  I'm just realizing this and it's literally taking away so much of my stress!  All too often others (family and friends) give you ideas but almost expect you to do what they want or think but as a bride, your wedding day is about you and hubby to be.  I took 4 of my 5 bridesmaids and my mom w/me when I tried on dresses and ended up in a fitting room in tears because everyone had an opinion and no seemed to care what I thought or wanted.  I selected a dress I never thought I would because when I looked at myself in the mirror, all I could imagine was my fiance at the end of the altar watching me walk down the aisle and I KNEW it was the dress!  It was not the princess gown my mom thought I was destined to wear, but I know it's the gown that I will tell my grandchildren about...

    Hoping this helps other brides out there... happy planning  :)
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