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Does anyone have any experience with the Park Place Hotel and the Ballroom for a wedding and reception?

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  • I have been to a wedding and several conferences at the Park Place ballroom.  The main ballroom is the "dome".  There are no windows and the dome creates an interesting sound effect - that is - people on the other side of the room can hear what you say the way the sound reverberates (be careful not to talk about anyone!).  that also makes for a loud wedding reception.  The food at the Park Place is pretty decent.   We looked at the location and the staff seem very nice - they even treated us to lunch in the hotel restuarant after our visit.  I don't recall the costs - but do recall there was a hefty rental fee for the room and I believe a miniumum number of guests you will pay for.  However, you can't beat the location!

    Hope this helps!

  • You should check out Visions at Center Pointe.
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    My friend had her wedding in the ballrooms downstairs.  It was nice.  They didn't add any decorations like chair covers or color linen.  I think the room would look great with chair covers and decorations!  I am currently starting to plan my wedding in TC.  I just did a walk through at the Park Place 2 weeks ago.  I like the downstairs ballroom but I liked the dome better.  When it's just a few people in there it does have a bit of an echo.  I have been to many events there over the years though and never noticed it.  The only thing I didn't like about the ballrooms is how low the ceiling is.  That is why I think I like the dome better.

    Also, Visions at Center point has a great view but I didn't like the way the room is set up.  The dance floor is really small. 
  • We are booked for the park place dome on may 11. I was just curious if anyone had any experience with weddings there.
    We are doing both the ceremony and the reception in the dome. I really like having everything in one location and having the guests be able to stay in the hotel. People really seem to like that option, especially since most of our guest will be from out of town. 
    I wish they did chair covers I think they would look really nice but I'm not going rent them, I just can't justify the expense!
    I've heard a lot of people talking about the echo but I think with some music on it should be just fine....at least I hope.
    I agree on the rooms downstairs. It's a really nice room but I didn't like the idea of having my reception in a basement either. The costs are pretty comparable too. I would have loved to do the top of the park but it just wasn't big enough.

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    The park place is one of my top choices right now.  How has the staff been so far leading up to your wedding?  I forgot to ask them how the bar works.  I am planning on having an open bar, do you know how they keep track of drinks consumed?  I think my only fear right now is having a crazy high bar bill.

  • So far the staff has been pretty good. The biggest problem I've had is with the room block, guests not being quoted the right price or told there's a 2 night minimum when we asked to have that taken out of the contract. Otherwise they have been pretty responsive to emails and available on weekends which is nice because my fiance and I don't live in Traverse City.
    I believe the bar works based on consumption. We are also having an open bar but with only beer and wine. So, if they open a bottle of wine, you pay for it even if just one glass was used and the same with the kegs. There are certain beers that they carry and won't charge your for you don't tap it, like if you order 3 kegs and only use 2 they won't charge you for the third. We decided against doing mixed drinks and figured if anyone really wanted one they could walk out to the hotel bar and get it there.
    I found that the cost overall was better there. They don't charge a room fee on top of the cost of food and the bar which was really nice, especially if you have a fairly big wedding you are going to hit the $6400 minimim pretty easily. The food and bar is cheaper than anywhere I looked and what we had was pretty good at our tasting. The gratuity is 18%, which is lower than most places and when you're spending thousands of dollars 2% can make a big difference. I also liked that they didn't have a lot of little charges, there's no cake cutting charge or a dance floor charge.
  • If you do decide to go with the Park Place and you have a lot of out of town guest, I would recommend setting up a room block at another hotel as well.
    I invited about 240 people to the wedding, the majority are from out of town, my guests were able to book about 40 rooms and the hotel is now sold out. I didn't even think of setting up another room block back in the fall. Luckily I was able to get some rooms at the Bayshore Resort for right around the same price and shuttle service for a steal from Twin Peninsula shuttles.
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    Thank you so much for all your help!!  The Park Place is my top choice right now.
  • It looks small but it is two dance floors. One on the floor and one elevated.
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