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Cheap Caterers in Orange County?

Hello Knotties! Needing some help here -- do you have any recs for cheap catering in OC? The venue Im looking into is in hungtington beach.

Any leads? Who are you using? :)

Re: Cheap Caterers in Orange County?

  • Goofball1963Goofball1963 member
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    I found Rockwell's in Orange...great deal and great food. They even have a fabulous bakery and well known for their cakes.
  • caryglammedupcaryglammedup member
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    Thanks for the replies ladies!

    Wow I  didn't reaalize Rockwell's serve food too... great tip, thanks!

  • ms.ritaliums.ritaliu member
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    what kind of food are you looking for? ethnic food is usually pretty affordable.  I did chinese seafood at my wedding and everyone LOOOVED it!
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    Hi Rita,

     I was considering chinese seafood. Who did you hire as your caterers because the ones I've been looking at are still above my price range. 
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