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Hi!  Were you still interested in the manzanita branches and table number holders?  If so, I have them available.  I can send you pictures, but I need your email.  You can check out the DIY on my bio, but i retook some of the branches.  I only have 7 centerpiece branches (in vases w/ rocks & birds), and 9 table number holders (some got stolen!). But I have 3 large manzanita branches that are screwed into wooden square holders.  I also have rocks for them, but they're not glued or cemented in- that way it's easier and lighter to carry around.  Let me know if you're still interested :)

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    We're gonna postpone our wedding in the mean time :( Thanks Though! Your wedding sure did look BEAUTIFUL though... from the pictures! I loved the enterance too! Super Cute and CONGRATS! :)
    they're not mistakes, just learning opportunities! Wedding Countdown Ticker
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