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Need to find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol and reception end time at 12 am. Help

I would like to have an outdoor wedding  in So. California but I'm looking for a venue where I can bring my own alcohol in order to save $ and stay in budget. The problem that I'm having is that most venues that do allow BYOB want the reception party to end by 10 pm! That's too early for my party people! I don't have any problem just having the ceremony outside and taking the party indoors just for the sake of the party ending later. I have researched many venues and can't find anything with these requirements of mine =( Please give me some suggestions.


Re: Need to find a venue that allows you to bring your own alcohol and reception end time at 12 am. Help

  • Find a caterer that will let you bring your own alcohol under their license. Or find a bartender that is licensed that will allow you to supply the beverages.
  • I almost booked the McCoy Equestrian & Recreation Center in Chino Hills, CA.  They have indoor and outdoor wedding areas, your bring your own alcohol and food, and they allow events until that time.  (909) 548-0868.
  • I am not sure how far you are willing to travel to have your wedding but I was in the same predicamnet and couldn't find anything in OC.  I found the La Paz Villa in keene, ca.  It is gorgeous and they pretty much let you peice together the wedding as you please.  You get indoor out door and a bar area and they will let you diy or offer full catering.  They have a midnight end time.
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    [QUOTE]Don't know where you are exactly located in Orange County. But the bell towers in Rancho Santa Margarita venue allows you to party till 11pm. They also let you bring your own alcohol and food.
    Posted by coolgirl8802[/QUOTE]

    This Bell Towers located at 22232 El Paseo, Rancho Santa Margarita. You can do beer, wine and mixed drinks without having to have a license and insured bartender (you have to have one if you do a keg). You can contact the city of RSM to do the wedding right outside of the ballroom. It is a beautiful area and has an elevated grass "stage" for you to get married. I did my research on this venue as it was nearby. It also rents hourly so you can help to control your costs. They have a kitchen for a caterer if you need it. Message me if you want more details.
  • Westminister Manor...they allow that! Look them up! 
  • I'm getting married at The Ocean Institute in Dana Point and using Party In a Box catering. They allowed me to use their bartender and bring my own alcohol. They only go to 11:00, but it might be a good option for you.  Good luck!
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