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California-Orange County

Fullerton Arboretum

Hi Ladies - Okay Fullerton Arboretum...thoughts? 

Looking at pictures, it looks beautiful.  However, I've read the day of coordinator is not too pleasant to work with.  And look over the fees - it looks like not much is included.  And, lastly, how is it in regards to being on campus...do you feel like you're in the middle of a college?

I'd REALLY appreciate any input!


Re: Fullerton Arboretum

  • ms.ritaliums.ritaliu
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    It is a gorgeous place to have a wedding.  I don't know anything about the day of coordinator, but from what I do know, being on the arboretum, i don't think you would feel like you're in the middle of the college.

    However, keep in mind that guests will have to walk from the parking lot into the arboretum, which has different textured grounds including pebbles & grass- so that's just something to take into consideration.  it really is a gorgeous venue.   You should go visit it yourself and see if you like it.

    My husband and I considered it, but we got married in march and were worried about the possibility of rain, so we had to nix that idea.  good luck!  
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    We were also thinking about booking it. The only problem I had with it though is that technically it would not be a private event. It would be open to the public which is fine. I just didn't want people walking into the pictures on accident. Still it's beautiful and has many great places for photos.

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    Thank you!  I have an appointment to go check it out this Saturday! 

    As far as the privacy thing, I completely agree with you!  I'm just hoping it tucked away enough that there won't be to many randoms just walking through!
  • fadeastridefadeastride
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    My fiance's sister had her wedding and reception at the arboretum. It was in June, which maybe helped with the whole "random people in the area" thing because there were no strangers hanging out, stumbling into pictures. There was this gorgeous little gazebo-type structure for the ceremony and the reception was in an open, grassy space with a dance floor. I don't know how much it was, but I know their budget was very, very small as they had both graduated the month before and just didn't have a lot of money. It was still beautiful.
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