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samay hossine spring flowers

has any used him for flowers please give me feedback

Re: samay hossine spring flowers

  • I just googled for reviews. His yelp reviews are horrible. I wouldn't use him.


  • ive seen his yelp reviews but his work looks fantastic i met with him and my venue place which is a good friend says he does awesome work so thats why i posted on here to see if anyone has used him
  • I'll give you a small personal story about vendors and trusting reviews.

    We met a florist, his work was amazing, so we set up a meeting with him to get a quote. It went great! We loved his work and it was beautiful. His reviews everywhere were just okay, but we decided to ignore them and go with him. He had some fantastic ideas and we were really excited to have him on board.

    Fast forward to 2 months before the wedding. He never contacted us for a preview-which was included in our deposit. It took us 3 weeks to get ahold of him. We set up a meeting and he showed us old flowers that weren't even what we originally talked about and signed the contract for. At this point I wanted to drop him. We looked up his reviews again. They had tanked. Awful reviews about not having the right flowers, hard to get ahold of, and not showing up on the wedding day(all of which are similar to the reviews your florist has). H talked me into keeping him.

    A week before the wedding the florist sent me his final timeline even though I gave him one several months before. He had our ceremony listed at 2 and his setup time as 4:30. Um...thats great and all but our his setup time was 2 and our ceremony was at 4:30.

    Day of the wedding. He showed up over an hour late so I have no pictures of me with bouquet since we did first look pictures. He didn't stay to move the ceremony flowers to our sweetheart table like he was supposed to so we didn't have that at our reception. And have never heard from him again.

    Okay, so that was a longer story than I was intended it to be, but I just wanted you to know that you should trust reviews. Especially since almost every review I can find for Spring Flowers says that he subcontracted the work to another florist or the flowers never got delivered.


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