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Wedding Welcome Bag


I'm putting together a welcome bag for all my guest coming in from out of town. I wanted to add snack items souther CA or Ornage county based - any suggestions? I'm having a terrible time trying to find things to add....

Thanks! :)  :) 

Re: Wedding Welcome Bag

  • I would check out local bakeries. You could get some cookies or something similar from  your favorite place.

    Appealing to my cheesy side, I think putting oranges in the bag would be cute and they are always a good snack.


  • Mini jars of Knott's jellies.
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    [QUOTE]Mini jars of Knott's jellies.
    Posted by lilfaeriebrat[/QUOTE]

    LOVE! Then you could include things to eat the jelly with in case people are flying and can't get it home. That would be a great snack!


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