Transportation Up Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder

Is anyone getting married or gotten married or been to a wedding at the Sunrise Amphitheater in Boulder? If so, any advice on transportation for the couple/wedding party would be great. We are considering hiring a limo, but we are worried that it won't be able to make the tight hair pin turns up the mountain.

If anyone has taken a limo up there, did it work? Did you fear for your life?



Re: Transportation Up Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder

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    My friend got married there last summer and the bridal party was driven up the mountain in a party bus.  Might be worth looking into....

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    I just saw some pictures of a couple getting married at the amphitheater and the girls rode up in a limo. I am actually getting married there this summer on August 7 and am going to have limos to take us up. As far as I know the only restriction is that the vehicle can not be longer than 30 feet. I have a question for you - how are you getting your guests up there? Are they driving and you just paying for parking permits? Or are you hiring a shuttle service?
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    I am getting married on July 31 at the same spot and scrambling to figure something out for transporting the guests up there.  I would appreciate any advice that you have if you were able to figure something out.


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