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photographer in Front Range area

I am looking for an affordable photogrpher in the front range area that is willing to do a Estes Park wedding for a reasonable price. We are thinking 5 to 6 hours we do not need them for the whole day. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Re: photographer in Front Range area

  • Hmmm several options that I am aware of that might be good, depending on your price range.  Yellow Paddle seems like a good deal and gives you lots of options -- I think like down to $800 for one student or closer to $1500 for two student photographers or more like $2000 for the profesh guy.  But a very cool business model and I like a lot of their pics.  

    I also looked at Sarah Joelle: http://www.sarahjoellephotography.com/  Very nice and I really like her style.  I think she quoted us like $1200 for a standard 6 hour wedding.

    We ended up booking Mark Cowlin, someone who is new to weddings in the Front Range area but has pretty extensive photography experience.  I can also attest to him just being a great guy.  http://www.markcowlin.com/Home.html  He is quoting $2000 on his website but I am pretty sure he would work with you for off-season/weekday weddings.  Good luck!
  • My husband is quite affordable and definitely willing to work on price.  He has done Estes Park weddings before.  His skill level is a lot higher than some other "cheap photographers" I've seen.  Of course I think he's good :)  Good luck!
  • Might help to tell you who he is before hitting "post" ... wow ...

    Chase Hoffman Photography
  • Our friend got married in Estes Park last summer and used Gathering Light Photography- www.gatheringlightphoto.com  
    We've contacted her too because we loved her work on their wedding and she was willing to work with people around their budget.

    Hope that helps!
  • PAEart.com - Patrick was amazing! He did our wedding in Estes Park & I couldn't have been happier!

  • Thanks ladies for the advice and suggestions we actually talked to quite a few photogrpahers and decided to go with gathering light so thank you winnifred for that suggestion. I am really excited to work with her and her team
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