Lower Lake vs Stone Mountain vs Sylvan Dale

I am currently looking around at different venue options and was wondering if any of you have any reviews or heard anything about the following places:
Lower Lake Ranch in Pine, CO
Stone Mountain Lodge in Lyons, CO
Sylvan Dale Ranch in Loveland, CO

I am going for an outdoor fall ceremony and indoor rustic reception. Ideally I would like to have a budget of $5,000 or less for the venue, chairs, tables, food, dishes, linens. 
I've googled "reviews" on the following places but if you have any thing to add I appreciate it! 
Thank you! 

Re: Lower Lake vs Stone Mountain vs Sylvan Dale

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    My FH and I visited Stone Mountain Lodge and Sylvan Dale. I would not do Stone Mountain Lodge, it is expensive for what you get and it is close to the main road. It's not nearly as pretty as the website, sadly.

    Sylvan Dale was beautiful, but we want a Saturday night and you had to get the most expensive dinner option, so it was expensive. We also liked the pavillion and there were only outhouses availible.

    Lower Lakes Lodge looks beautiful, and it is not too far out of Denver.

    We chose Mt. Princeton Hot Springs if you are up for a longer drive, it is beautiful!
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    Thank you for your input. I was wondering about the "prettiness" of Stone Mountain. 
    Mt. Princeton Hot Springs looks beautiful! How did you find it? And do you have a basic idea of the costs and what is included? 
    THank you again
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    A little late to reply here - I'm helping my daughter plan her wedding with a $10,000 budget, and Sylvan Dale, while beautiful, is out of our price range.

    You might try Ellis Ranch in Loveland.  My other daughter had her wedding there two years ago.  It's a little more affordable because you can bring in your own caterer. 

    What we're finding out is, you may be able to afford the place but a lot of places make up for it with their food costs.  Good luck!
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    I wasn't able to get ahold of Sylvan Dale so I moved on to other venues. But I did do some number crunching based on the pdf they sent me and it was going to be pretty pricy!. 
    We found a venue, YMCA at Estes Park, and it fits us perfectly as a couple and we are looking forward to it! 
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