Edgewater Pavilion in Windsor, CO anyone?

So now the whole game plan for my wedding has changed... again. I have had kind of a hard time getting ahold of this vendor but I would really like to take this one into consideration, especially since it is right where everyone is at! I was just looking for anyone who has had their ceremonies/receptions at this location and about their experience, thanks ladies!!!


Re: Edgewater Pavilion in Windsor, CO anyone?

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    LOVE IT! My best friend was married there and it was beautiful. They did a great job and I would totally recommend it. 
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    I'm having my wedding there in just under 3 weeks (July 31). They have been really helpful so far. You would be working with Carol and Aubrey. Aubrey is really responsive to emails, at least in my experience. They have been helpful with special requests, such as renting extra items for us through the event rental places.

    They aren't as restrictive as some of the venues I visited in terms of "preferred vendors," but they charge extra if you don't use one of the preferred caterers. We didn't have a problem with this since there were 5 on the list and we didn't have a preference to begin with. Edgewater doesn't have a liquor license so you can bring in your own alcohol, but you can't charge people for it (so no cash bars). We're doing a beer & wine bar through our caterer (Behind the Scenes) and it's about $700 total.

    One thing that may be an issue is that we are not able to use the facility until 4pm on the wedding day (because we're not doing an all-day rental). It may be kind of tight, since we plan to do pictures before the 6pm ceremony. I think it will be okay for us since the only thing we'll really need to do is get dressed, but it might be an issue for someone who wanted to "chill" in the bridal suite. The other somewhat related thing is that per the contract, we could not start the ceremony prior to 6pm. This has turned out to be fine, but we had to rework our initial timeline when we discovered this.

    Feel free to let me know if you have more questions. HTH!
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    I have a viewing on Friday; we were also worried about the time, and having enough time to set up beforehand, but I haven't heard about prices at all. But I looked at their website and they actually seem really strict so its good to hear otherwise. I am also going to the Ptarmaigan (sp?) country club this week cause I can get 6 hours in the evening for 1000, which is a killer dealer and the ceremony for $500 which includes 3 1/2 hours beforehand for setup and such, and a plated dinner for $30 a plate. I just have no idea what I am doing, I've been engaged for 7 months now and my grace period is over according to my mother. Now I'm stressing! I hope you have an awesome wedding day! I'll be a MOH in Castle Rock on the 31st, but I'm sure you're ladies dresses are cuter than mine (it is awful!).

    xoxo Lauren
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    I don't know what your target budget is for the venue... Edgewater ended up being mid-range for the venues we looked at (see link to pricing table below). For Saturday night it was $5000 and you get the place from 4pm to midnight. In addition, they charge $12 for each person over 100. I don't know anything about Ptarmingan, but I've talked to people who have gotten good deals at the Fort Collins Country Club--so I would think it's similar.

    One thing we found is that we were not terribly excited about the venues that have packages. They can help you save money, but we found it rather limiting, as we already had certain vendors in mind. Like I said above though, we didn't have a catering preference. This was helpful since it seemed like the most common preferred vendor requirement.

    Here's a link to all of the pricing calculations we did for venues around CO <a href ="">Click here</a>

    We compared packages/no packages based on the expectation that we would have around 150 people. It was important to us to have the wedding on a Saturday so that family and friends would be able to come; however, we did consider Friday at a few places

    ETA: Sorry the clicky link looks weird, but it should work.
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    I was gonna get married there. It is so beautiful ! :D
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    Star - Your excel sheet is so impressive! Thank you for sharing!
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    The Edgewater Pavilion has some opportunities in its execution of wedding receptions.  According to data published in 2003, 80% of guests remember the reception more than the wedding.  The site was clean and well kept, the food was good, and the staff was friendly.  That said, the venue was inflexible in their handling of the party after the food was served.

    The event that I performed at was an outdoor wedding reception under an event tent by the pond.  I was booked at the last minute by an online, impersonal DJ company with lots of DJ's who never talk with the bride and groom or inspect the venue before the event.  Not my normal method of operation.  With my own clients, I meet the bride and groom and walk through the venue with them before the event, which is a time that we can iron out any kinks that might come up.   The location was very nice, however, the ground was not level and most of the tables were on a slight incline.  That can be uncomfortable for some guests.  For the DJ, it made my equipment unsafe as there was not a flat place to set up speaker stands, which can be unstable if not on a flat surface.

    As the evening turned into night, it started to get dark inside the tent.  No biggie, as they had candle lamps around the venue.  Once it got a little dark, the venue TURNED ON ALL THE LIGHTS AND WOULD NOT TURN THEM OFF.  These were not pretty dim chandeliers, they were work lights.  As you can imagine, this disrupted the party.  We went from a full dancefloor to an empty dancefloor within one song.  I addressed this with the venue manager, but she refused to turn off or dim the lights.  She wouldn't even turn off part of the lights. 

    Some definite positives about this venue.  One big, party killing, negative.  Hiring the right DJ who knows how to figure these things out before can make the difference between an awesome wedding reception and a forgettable one.

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