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Outdoor Ceremony site??? HELP!

I am searching for a place to get married outside WITH the mountain views!   I was planning a huge wedding on the east coast for the fall (Oct.)and my fiance and I just decided to forgo those plans and get married here in CO instead.  Our original wedding was getting out of hand and we wanted it to be more intimate and relaxed.  I have since canceled everything for the original wedding and am starting all over!Please let me know if you have any suggestions for a location that is within 45 minutes of Denver (or closer)?  We want something remote with no fuss that doesn't need any decorations.  Honestly, I would love something off the beaten path that is just gorgeous.  Yes, I know I am asking for a lot!  We also want it as inexpensive as possible:). All the comments will help - THANKS!!

Re: Outdoor Ceremony site??? HELP!

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    Ditto to pp about GOG.  We considered it, but as far as I remember, you could not reserve a spot, so it was first come, first serve, and it is SO touristy, there are always people around, inevitably (and unintentionally) walking through your wedding.  It IS a beautiful place, though, with AMAZING views...and cheap!
  • carriekfeeneycarriekfeeney member
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    We are getting married at Arrowhead Golf Club.  It can get a bit pricey, but the views are breathtaking!  It's SW of Denver- technically Littleton and on the edge of Roxborough State Park.  They have 2 ceremony & 2 reception locations.  The ceremony locations are both outdoors and 1 of the receptions locations is outdoors.  It's definitely worth a look. 
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    Lizzy, I am with you...I  too am trying to find an off the beaten path type of place....little decorations needed...mostly just the natural outdoor beauty. I am having a heck of a time!  Plus, we have like next to no money.  Let me know if you find a place. Good luck!
  • cleonarrdcleonarrd member
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    I photographed a wedding this past summer in Georgetown at a place called "Shadows Ranch". I believe they have a website, but it isn't all that good. The location is just perfect-- in the mountains, but close to Denver. And, Georgetown is the cutest town. I have some of their pictures on my website if you want to take a look. www.caraleonardphotography.com, look under "Meghan and Basil". Good luck!!
    Cara Leonard
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    I actually did my wedding ceremony at Garden of the Gods - you can reserve it.  You just have to fill out a form with the city.  You can also tie off the area for set up if needed. The best thing about it was that it was FREE!  We did it in the stone circle right under Kissing Camels. 

    And, yes, there are ALWAYS tourists there.  But they were very considerate, let me walk down the sidewalk to the "alter" with no interruptions.  We still joke that we had about 200 extra wedding guests because everyone in the park stopped to watch our wedding.  Even had a Belgian chorus who happened to be there sing to us on our walk back down the aisle.

    If you want to check out some pics, our wedding photos are posted here:  http://picasaweb.google.com/rhinosmith/CortAndRyanSWedding#

    It really was a wonderful place for our ceremony - but the reception definitely needs to be elsewhere.
  • macookiemacookie member
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    We used The Celebration Studio as our wedding planner, and while we chose the Donovan Pavilion in Vail, Brooke offered several amazing options (many off the beaten path) for outdoor venues. You may want to contact them!

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    I just booked Snow Mountain Ranch for the wedding site and reception venue.  Stacy did a great job showing me the local and everything is right there on location.  We have a lot of family and friend coming in from out of town and there are rooms, cabins and camping sites (for our cheap friends) on site for a reasonable cost. If we book 20 "rooms" we get a discount on the package.    It's like a little resort with many different activities for guests to enjoy.  Our traveling guests can use the wedding as a mini vacation if they want. 

    We're also working with them on catering and getting a discount on the site fee.  You don't have to use them but their pricing is really reasonable and the food is good.  The catering also includes cake cutting so that's not an extra cost.  They will also allow you to bring in your own alchohol which is a huge cost savings. 

    The views are beautiful.  All the views are of the Indian Peaks area of the Continental Divide.  It's only a few minutes from Winter Park.  It's also one of the best price/value locations I found.  Book quick though.  They are starting to fill. 

    Good Luck!

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    If you keep it on the smaller scale you should check out www.cathedralpines.biz under the community tab.  The Lodge at Cathedral Pines is gorgeous!
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