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I'm beginning to look at the cost of cakes.  What has been everyones experience with the cost of cake in the Denver area? Are they priced by tiers or number of slices? Has anyone found a bakery that they can recommend?  Thanks.

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    Our cake baker is charging us by the slice...  She is also making a large sheet cake that will actually be used to serve most of the guests (though they won't know it!).
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    Cost wasn't the biggest concern for us.  We wanted an amazing tasting cake!  Most places charge per serving, averaging about $5-7.50.  We went with Das Meyers Fine Pastery in Arvada or Westminister.  We bought "specialized" flavors for 100 people for $423, and that included the delivery charge.  They do free tastings every Saturday from February- November.  They are closed for all of January but you can still taste the stuff they do if you stop by their store.  They charge for range of servings not per slice.  Super delicious!
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    I got 4.25/slice at Mulberries.  They have great cakes!! :)
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    I have found that most bakeries charge by the slice.  I have seen anywhere from $2.50 to $6.00 a slice.  I too am on the search for a reasonable priced cake that not only looks great, but tastes great.  So far I haven't found anything in my budget, but have 7 months to decide.  I do know Das Meyer is AMAZING, they did my sister's wedding cake and it was to die for.  I lived down the street from the bakery for many years in Arvada and I have nothing but praise for thier cakes and other tasty treats!   Good luck! 
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