EMERGENCY - Bridesmaid dress alterations!!!

I just got my bridesmaid dress back and it doesn't zip!  I am 4 mos pregnant and the bridal shop (which is out of state) recommended taking out the zipper and having a lace-up back put in instead.  I have all the extra material to have this done.Does anyone know of any good tailors/seamstresses that could take on a project like this?I have 9 days to get this done!!!!I am in the Westminster area.Thanks!!!!!

Re: EMERGENCY - Bridesmaid dress alterations!!!

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    Hi,Try going to a fabric store like JoAnn Fabrics and they usually have a book or list of tailors and can recomend some for you to call.  Good Luck!
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    Go to your local dry cleaner- like Jo ans they can tell you where to take it or they might have someone on staff who can do it themselves.  plus, i was in a similar crunch once and being a small business my dry cleaner took the time situation a lot more seriously.Good luck!
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    I had a bridesmaid emergency myself and had to cut all the dresses tea length 2 days before the wedding. There is a shop on 104th and Steele street. A little west of Colorado boulevard on 104th. It is just called Alterations, in the same shopping center as Three Margaritas. She altered 6 bridemaids dresses pretty much in 24 hours. Super reasonable as well. Good Luck!
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