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Pre marriage counseling

Have you done it?  I've heard decent reviews from married couples that have gone through it.   I guess you dig into deep, important issues that you could come across in life - financials, resolving fights, raising kids, keeping the romance alive.  I know the Catholic church requires this, but we are not getting married in a church or religious setting.  

If you have any suggestions for anyone in Summit County or Denver area, please let me know.
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Re: Pre marriage counseling

  • Yup we are going through it now and this is our 2nd round. We love it and it's so helpful. This is our 3rd and 4th marriage and we decided this is IT. We want to learn everything and learn how to be a couple and not just a because couple if that makes sense. Good luck and just find someone you can relate to.
  • I would highly suggest pre-marital counseling to any and every couple getting married.  We did get married in a church so we had 4 sessions with our pastor, but we also took a pre-marriage class that had a workbook and everything.  That one was 12 weeks.  The counseling doesn't just help you bring up difficult issues before they arise within your marriage.  Really good counseling will equip you both to plan for a marriage and not just plan for a wedding (which is only one day).  You can learn how to truly fight for your marriage when you need to b/c marriage is not an easy road.  Best of luck and God bless!
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