Rehearsal dinner in Boulder. Ideas?

I am looking to have a nice dinner in boulder for 80-90 guests. Any ideas?  Also, what is a reasonable amount to spend for that many people for dinner and drinks?

Re: Rehearsal dinner in Boulder. Ideas?

  • Flagstaff House could be nice. I would guess that in Boulder, for a nice rehearsal dinner, you'd be paying $60/person at the very least, but I could be wrong.
  • How fancy are you looking for? Flagstaff House is awesome but extremely pricey (President Clinton ate there when he was president) If your looking for a place that is fun, date night casual, and quite tastey, check out pasta Jay's. They host a dinner for the CU football team before the parade down pearl st mall, so they should easily be able to accomedate your size. Price is roughly about the same as Maggianos from what I recall.

    Hope this helps
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