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Venue Help!!!

Hi!  We have just started planning our wedding and have been looking for venues.  We want a more rustic feel to the wedding.  It is currently planned for Aug. 10, 2013 so we have time and flexibility in our planning.  We are both from a more rural life and want an outdoorsy, rustic feel.  Currently, we are looking at a guest list close to 375 (not sure how many to expect).  My absolute dream location is at Crooked Willow Farms (http://crookedwillowevents.com/overview/) but it is potentially too small (for the ballroom) and waaaayyyyy too expensive!  Does anyone have any ideas for an outdoor wedding in Colorado?  We are trying to stay more towards Northern Colorado as a majority of our guests are from the Greeley/FoCo area.  I would love to have the wedding outside and then the reception in a barn or under a tent with the dancing in an old barn!  I would love any ideas that anyone has!!  Thanks!

Re: Venue Help!!!

  • Sylvan Dale Ranch and Tapestry House would be my reccomendations along with Ellis Ranch. Edgewater in Windsor is also popular but not truly rustic. hart estate in wheatridge is pretty as welll, lionsgate in lyons.  There is Hudson Gardens in Denver and a few places such as botanical gardens and butterfly pavillion are all unique and reasonable priced places. 

  • <rumor>  I heard that Edgewater Pavilion in Windsor had stopped taking reservations and will be closing after they honor their final wedding contract.  Neighbors getting tired of late night noise. <rumor>

    My daughter got married at Ellis Ranch and Shane was wonderful to work with.  And they can definitely handle your number of people.
  • That is a huge rumor that is not true b/c my sister in law is Edgewater's event coordinator and she says she does not know where you heard that but it is not true. Also my freind and I went out there this past weekend and she booked Edgewater for her wedding next summer of 2013 and they had some weddings on the books for 2014.
  • Erin, good to know!  I had heard that but wasn't sure, thus the <rumor> tags.  My mom lives in Windsor and had heard that Edgwater was closing, but now I guess not!  So thanks for setting me straight and putting the rumor to rest.  It is a beautiful facility, but too expensive for our budget for my daughter's wedding :(.
  • These days you can also cut costs by having a cash bar. I have been to a few weddings were they only had a keg or two, and the rest was paid for by the guests. It helps to ask that question and see what the possibilities are.
  • McC ranch outside on Loveland.
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