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Most Horrible DJ 'Hey DJ'

Whatever you do, do not hire this person!! He ruined the music for my whole wedding! First, when we had met him he told us that he would be at our venue 2 hours before the wedding to set up, then the day before he calls and tells me he will only be getting there a hour before, the day of, he got there 15 minutes before the ceremony!!! The music he is supposed to play while the guests are waiting, he started playing, but the problem was everyone was ready to walk down the aisle already, so he should be playing the prelude song, we had to wait 5 minutes (note we were all trying to hurry and finish the ceremony before the storm came in, so 5 min was a big deal) my sister in law had to tell him several times he was playing the wrong song, and the groom had to constantly wave to him from the front to start the music, but he was too busy staring at his computer. So finally after he sets up his equipment, which should have been done hours before, and getting a talking to from the groom about how he needs to shape up and not screw the rest of it up like he did the ceremony, he starts playing NON of the songs from the list of 200 songs I gave them to play (they needed to fill in the time, even though there were more than enough to cover the whole time, and if there wasn't they could have at least played songs similar to the ones we spent hours picking out. My father is fighting cancer and there are more bad days than good, so he wasn't able to come, which was already heartbreaking but I understood, his health is more important than anything. So since there was no father then there was going to be no father daughter dance, groom goes to tell the dj "we are not doing a father daughter dance". so first dance is over and dj comes on the speaker and says "ok time for the father daughter dance" WHAT! we just told you there isn't going to be one 5 minutes before!! Bride breaks down crying because her father isn't there and its easier to pretend its ok, but its hard to pretend when its all over the speaker "THE BRIDES DAD ISN'T HERE!!", Thank you very much for that! So we wiped the tears away and thought we could start the reception...... still non of the songs we picked, music is very important to us, the reason why we felt the need to pick out every song. So the bride has to go and talk to the dj and beg them just to play the songs on the list....... they still refused, When they played "O.P.P" I lost it, who wants that song at their wedding, it has nothing to do with love and wasn't even close to any of the hundreds of songs we picks. Still they said they were filling it in, but I didn't understand what needed to be filled in if they weren't even playing the ones I wanted. Every time I saw the dance floor, no one was dancing, everyone was just standing around talking, not what you would expect on a dance floor. So we had to get rid of them and just use the radio, and even with commercials everyone was having a much better time and everyone was dancing. It was like they were trying to ruin it and just trying every thing they could for us to make them leave early since we already paid them. There was no working with them they just wanted their crappy music even though for the last 6 months we told them constantly to "stick to the list" cause they would constantly try to add songs that we hated. We told them the most straying they could do is the same artists that were on the list. And no Naughty By Nature was not on the list at all. Please, they ruined my good time with my friends and family, do not let them do it to yours! There are plenty of other DJs and an Ipod could do a way better job than them, at least it would have music that you've at least heard of. Don't make my horrible mistake!

His name is Bert Montoya, thier number is 303-325-9714, I want everyone to know his information so everyone can be warned of this person. They don't care about your wedding, they only want you to pay them and make it so bad that you kick them out so they get paid for nothing.

Re: Most Horrible DJ 'Hey DJ'

  • That's terrible!  I am currently searching for a DJ so I will be sure to avoid this one. How much did he charge you if you don't mind me asking?
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  • Oh my gosh - that is HEARTBREAKING!!!  So sorry you had to deal with someone like that on your wedding day.  Thank you for the warning.  Blessings to your Dad.
  • Thanks guys, he charges $75 a hour. We actually paid him in full before the event for 5 hours and obviously he wasn't there the whole 5 hours and he wont even give us the money owed. I feel like he was so horrible just so he could get kicked out and still be paid. What a scam! You would think he would be somewhat business minded and at least pay us back the money from the times he wasn't there. I hope nobody has to deal with someone like that, especially on their wedding day!!
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